Customised Vans
Customised Vans

Great idea here from one of Stitched & Stitched’s good friends over at Noncollective. A classic pair of heather grey Vans is given a nice heritage twist with the addition of leather laces. Unfortunately I’m not in a position to rip this idea off, so I resign myself, with his permission and in the spirit of Noncollective, to share the creativity. Enjoy.

For those of you not familiar with Noncollective, Qompendium magazine summed them up nicely here;

“The Noncollective team is a secret society of young templars and music alchemists with a taste for the obscure, whether European records, Japanese commercials, Belgian waffles, Algerian pop stars, Twin Peaks, Italian porn stars or teutonic beats and even topless girls in denim shorts. They like spending their days lazing under the Mediterranean sun while listening to Brazilian guapas singing about love. When night falls they like to fill the dancefloor with the sounds of Italian disco divas on acid and watch the dance floor beauties go crazy. In real life the Noncollective is a group of friends scattered mostly around Europe who get together all sharing the same passion for music. It is a superb example of what a handful of people can achieve armed merely with their love for everything out of the ordinary.”

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