Margaret Howell Houses
Margaret Howell Houses

As the wife and I are hopefully going to be purchasing our first flat very soon, I’ve become obsessed with interiors again and my first port of call for inspiration was Margaret Howell Houses. I’ve seen it around for a while, but only recently had the impetus to buy it from eBay due to my changing circumstances and the opportunity to put some of the inspiration in to practise.

Eames, Vitsoe, and Alvar Aalto are recurring themes throughout, but all work perfectly amongst the many different settings Margaret finds herself in. I was surprised how far back some of these photos go, with some of the shots having been taken in the mid nineties. As you’d expect, everything in here is completely timeless (apart from Margaret’s jeans) and a great guide for how to put together an interior that’s homely and understated yet full of personality. When I get in to my new flat I’m gonna parquet like it’s 1999.

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