Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon finally available in an edible format
Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon finally available in an edible format.

Taking another brief interval from clobber to introduce you to the baker and creator of the amazing cakes you see above and below; Miss Ruth Bartlett of The Tasty 12 Inch (and Our Bartlett fame). Ruth is surgical with an icing pipe and recreates your favourite 12 inch record covers with stunning accuracy in very tasty cake form. I’m actually writing this as I’m enjoying a slice of the lemon and white poppy seed Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble birthday cake she created for my missus’ 30th. Ruth pulled an amazing photographic cover out of the bag for this commission and though it was devastating having to cut through all her hard work it was made a lot easier know it was Ant & Dec we were slicing up. If you’re ever requiring an awesome cake for something special look no further than The Tasty 12 Inch.

Suffering Steven's whispering classic, Seven Swans
Suffering Steven’s whispering classic, Seven Swans.
Sonic Youth. Note the vinyl candle holder
Sonic Youth. Note the vinyl candle holder.

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