2 Year Wash Standard 5 Pocket Jean
2 Year Wash Standard 5 Pocket Jean

I rarely get excited by denim. I understand what the fuss is about, but I would rather focus energies on other parts of my wardrobe – mainly shoes – and choose simple denim in a classic cut that I know can go the rounds and won’t cost the earth. That said, The Bureau’s latest drop from Japanese denim aficionados orSlow got me pretty excited. I don’t normally go for stonewashed denim (I prefer to make it ‘stone washed’ myself through wear and laundering), but as it takes on average 3 or 4 years to get my New Standards in to this shape, I’m becoming increasingly willing to take a short cut. The ‘2 year wash jean’ looks absolutely perfect, and unlike my New Standards which are just about shot at the ‘stonewashed’ phase, these will be stonewashed at the start of their journey. The US Navy Utility pant in a lighter weight denim also looks a treat for Summer too.

Indigo One Wash US Navy Utility Pant
Indigo One Wash US Navy Utility Pant
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