Milroy’s of Soho Single Cask Dutch Whisky

I popped in to Milroy’s of Soho during the week looking for a bottle of Sazerac Rye (the stuff seems really scarce these days for some reason), but instead walked out with something I found far more pleasing – Milroy’s Single Rye. A swift taster at the counter is all it took to sell me. It’s salted caramel flavour is what hooked me – a nice smooth salty taste to begin with, quickly replaced by an almost black treacle like flavour. I actually bought it to make Old Fashioneds, but there’s no way I’m chucking anything else in a glass with this stuff – it fully deserves to be enjoyed on its own. Special mention to the excellent staff at the Soho branch of Milroy’s too. Fantastic service.

Milroy’s simple, but striking label is a drinks cabinet winner. Mandarin and Imperial Blue. Winner.

Milroy’s of Soho


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