Michael Taylor Ceramics. Unglazed base detail on small milk jug and coffee mugs

A set of four coffee mugs and small milk jug by Michael Taylor from the David Mellor Design Centre in Hathersage in the Peak District. I’ve been after some everyday crockery like Michael’s for some time now. Something rustic, irregular, hand crafted, and affordable. The beautiful colours in Michael’s glazes really come to life where the glaze gathers at the base of the piece. Each pot is totally unique and can vary quite dramatically in colour.

The glazes differ quite dramatically between each piece
Coffee mug

Small milk jug

Glaze details

A little more about Michael from his website:

Michael Taylor works in rural North Devon on the outskirts of the ancient market town of Holsworthy. Michael works on his own, his domestic stoneware is all hand thrown and decorated in glazes that best suit the form and function of the piece. His selection of glaze colours are inspired and influenced by the landscape of his surroundings.

Ok, that’s enough pottery for the time being. Back to clobber tomorrow with a special guest post about a historic style of fishing jumper. Till then…



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