Engineered Garments Bedford Jacket in Linen

I’ve got a few Bedford jackets from Engineered Garments in different fabrics and cuts and they’re always a staple garment throughout the seasons and get lots of heavy wear. However, I’ve had to revise my thinking on this one, which is made from a really nice, loosely woven linen. I purchased it last spring and pretty much wore it every other day until late September. The fit is really loose and unstructured and goes with just about any outfit.

After a few wears this year however, I noticed the damage I’d done to it with such heavy wear.

The pocket I used to keep my keys in was the first hole I noticed. Sharp metal rubbing against soft linen: not good. Lesson 1.

Hole caused from having keys in my pocket

Next was on the right hip. Not quite there yet, but on it’s way to hole city. Heavy leather bag rubbing against soft linen: not good. Lesson 2.

More wear and tear on the right hip – probably from my bag

Last, but certainly not least, a huge hole under the left arm. I’ve never noticed this, but when I walk my left arm must be moving double speed to the rest of my body! Body parts moving against soft linen: not good. Lesson 3.

Wear and tear under the left arm
Detail of wear and tear under the arm

Trusting the quality of design and construction of Engineered Garments implicitly lead to me treat this jacket with the same disregard that I treat my other garments with. However, it’s important to remember the quality of certain fabrics and something like linen isn’t a fabric to constantly hammer. Ventile it ain’t. The jacket is pretty knackered now, but rather than trying to repair it I’m going to embrace it’s beaten up look as it’s taken on a somewhat artistic quality. Very Hockney (sans the talent).

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