Astier de Villatte Store
Astier de Villatte Store, Paris

Time for another homewares break. I stumbled across this brand in Liberty at the weekend and it really struck a chord with me. Liberty stock a large range of their ceramic ware. It’s beautifully simple stuff – very elegant at the same time as being very raw. I’m in to the basic items they produce such as the simple plates and bowls. In particular Liberty stock these super raw vases that look like they take their form from tin cans.

Plates from the 'Simple', 'Trèfles', and 'Robinson' ranges
Plates from the ‘Simple’, ‘Trèfles’, and ‘Robinson’ ranges.
The more decorative Plates and Platters from the 'Fleurs' range
The more decorative Plates and Platters from the ‘Fleurs’ range.

The odd decorative items are beautiful too as the glaze crudely fills in the forms almost obliterating any real detail that might have been in the black terracotta clay they’re made from. It’s a nice mix between the very ornate world of French baroque and quickly thrown japanese peasant pottery. The stuff is deceptively light, but feels of a very high quality.

Various ornate vessels and vases
Various ornate vessels and vases.
Scented candles all based on locations
Scented candles all based on locations.

The brand produce a lot of other “lifestyle” products, but it’s really the ceramics I’m interested in (and the candles look ace too). You can view more of the their ceramics here, although it’s hard to see the beauty in this stuff until you pick it up in person. Try and get past their website; it’s not very user friendly to say the least.

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