Noncollective Nº.1, “Aegean Sea” by Abel Nagengast

A brief break from clothing matters to share with you Noncollective’s first release “Aegean Sea”. A trio of audio delights wrapped in some stunning artwork by NC’s Mr. D. McFarline. It’s almost worth a purchase just to adorn the mantlepiece. Act fast, don’t delay, the release is limited to 300 copies and they won’t be around for very long. From Noncollective:

“Aegean Sea” (Non, Nº.1)  is the first Noncollective release, a limited edition three track 12″ featuring three edits by the Dutch collector and DJ Abel Nagengast. The title cut is an edit that has been doing the rounds for a quite a while and many will recognise – A sun-clad rocking stormer with a sweet bassline and soaring psyched out vocal harmonies. This stadium sized anthem just oozes that 70′s feeling. “Belly Button” is a laid-back groover of mysterious origins with sexy whispering vocals that makes it the perfect tune to begin an adventurous night, while “7th Of April” is a moody kraut disco dub number with distorted keys and talkbox driven guitar solo.