Sunspel SS Henley worn with Engineered Garments Workshirt
Sunspel SS Henley worn with Engineered Garments Workshirt

Made from 100% two fold Egyptian cotton, the Sunspel SS Henley has quickly become my favourite t-shirt. It’s a perfect fit, with a perfect sleeve length and nice straight body. It sits nicely on the hip and is a nice weight for all year round wear underneath other garments. Super flat buttons ensures it also sits nicely under finer shirts.

Sunspel’s t-shirts in general have a fine neck seam that’s deep enough to go unnoticed under, say, an Oxford button down, but high enough to not look like you’re wearing a deep neck tee with something like a work shirt. I prefer the Henley style personally as I like the extra detail it adds to an outfit and the option to unbutton it in warmer months. The fore mentioned points also help eliminate that unfortunate American Cop look that can happen with the likes of a Haynes shirt and an awkwardly placed second button.

Sunspel White SS Henley T-Shirt
Sunspel White SS Henley T-Shirt

Of course these are not the cheapest of shirts, but I do not jump to that cost based on a whim. I’ve tried many t-shirt brands and styles down the years, but most have fallen short in some department or other; Fruit of the Loom (just crap), Haynes (lose shape), Topman (too short), Gap (too baggy), American Apparel (too long), Calvin Klein (again too baggy), Ralph Lauren (shrink). Because of these experiences I decided to splash out on a higher grade shirt. The quality shows ultimately in the washing and my Sunspel tees have not lost their shape or feel and there’s absolutely no noticeable shrinking after a lot of washes. Also, never pay full price. There are often bargains to be found. Highly recommended.

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