Here’s some lovely pictures of S.E.H Kelly’s beautiful Two-way Irish Linen jacket from Japanese retailer Acoustics. The fabric choice makes this a stand-out piece for Summer – a wonderful Irish Herringbone Linen – laundered by S.E.H Kelly for a nicely crumpled and worn-in look. The jacket is reversible, with different pocket detailing on either side making this feel very much like two different jackets for the price of one. The lighter side features odd pockets (one of which is generously A4 sized – the detail which sold this piece to me) and the darker side features a breast patch pocket. Both sides feature comfortable handwarmer pockets. Already available in store at S.E.H Kelly, and arriving online very soon.




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2 Responses to TWO WAYS

  1. chris says:


    I have been looking for the perfect summer jacket for a while and have toyed with the idea of private whites shacket. However I have never comitted, as I feel pw is overpriced, when you consider they sell a ventile mac for £550, and seh sell one that is far far nice, with more detail for £350. So seeing this jacket has made me very happy, do you have any idea what it will retail at?



  2. C D Moorby says:

    Hey Chris – I have it on good authority it’ll retail around the low £200 mark…

    Can’t argue with them prices… 2-4-1!


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