Chicago’s best dressed young man: Mr. Kevin McCallister

He’s quite possibly the inspiration for many of Daiki Suzuki’s key A/W looks and the prototype for the landscape of today’s menswear. Classic and relaxed plaid button downs are teamed with great cable knits, fatigue pants, monkey boots and traditional bobble hats. From waffle knit sweaters to Melton wool parkas, the kid nailed it all. I’ve been trying to dress as well as this dude since I was eight years old and am now only just finding my stride – he had it from the age of eight. The re-re-birth of the Americana/Preppy movement subconsciously began here. Merry Christmas (ya filthy animal) and a Happy New Year.

Classic plaid button downs worn with ease. If you’re going to get sent to your room, get sent in style.
Fighting crime in style. If only all vigilantes were this well dressed.

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