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Back once again with the Yuketen Sandals. The Semi Chukkas to be precise. Walking a fine line somewhere between Maximus Meridius, The Dude, and Forest Gump, these good time sandals are my choice for summertime meandering. This pair were purchased … Continue reading

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I’m a big fan of the blog A Suitable Wardrobe. Although my own sartorial interests lie on the casual side of menswear, I find Will Boehlke’s musings about classic and bespoke tailoring very inspiring. Many of his ideas and principals … Continue reading

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A new bag landed on my doorstep the other week direct from Hermosa Beach’s finest. I posted about this bag a few weeks ago as it’s currently available from Oi Polloi in the Palomino colourway, but I’ve been holding out to get … Continue reading

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