Tricker's Black Scotch Grain Super Shoe

As it’s getting close to autumn, I’m about to once again be stepping out in my first pair of custom made Tricker’s, ordered through Stitched & Stitched favourite; The Shoe Healer. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as wearing a pair of shoes you’ve ‘created’ yourself and, at the time, this model was only a fraction more expensive than ‘ready to wear’ options. 

Heel detail

I ended up looking at a custom made option as I’d missed out on a pair of Tricker’s Scotch Grain Allan boots with a red dainite sole that I’d longed after for a while from The Bureau Belfast. When I went to order them at last, they’d sold out of my size. So with that style in mind, mixed with a long term want for a simpler pair of Tricker’s in black, I went about designing my own pair.
Rather tragically, and to satisfy my own curiosity, I chopped up The Bureau’s product shot of the Allan boots in Photoshop to make the shoe I was after. It was my first time buying custom made shoes, so I figured if I had a clear visual reference for Tricker’s to match to then nothing could go wrong. I realise this was totally excessive as I would now be completely confident consulting with Richard (The Shoe Healer) on shoe style and materials with his expertise as a guidance (kind of how men have been ordering bespoke shoes for centuries really).

Designing a shoe in Photoshop. There are a lot easier ways to order an MTO pair of shoes.

The chopped up image I gave to Richard to match to resulted in a classic Tricker’s Matlock in Black Scotch grain with natural leather and black dainite sole with brass coloured eyelets to highlight the natural leather of the sole.

The real deal came pleasingly close to the visual.

Tricker's box

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  1. Richard says:

    Thank you very much for your kind comments Chris. I am delighted you are happy with your latest creation.
    If I might suggest one small correction. ‘Bespoke’ would suggest a ‘Made to Measure’ pair of shoes where yours, I would consider to be ‘Custom Made’.
    A model created with your own vision and desire, and built on a ‘Stock last’, namely the 4497s Last on which several models of Tricker’s Country Collection are born.
    Just for interest, most if not all of Tricker’s Country Model line up can be made on either the 4497s, or the more generous fitting 4444 Last and in either Width Fittings 5 or 6 (standard or wide).
    With these Size Configurations possible, most should be able to obtain the almost if not, ‘perfect’ fit. In my own personal experience, I couldn’t imagine a Bespoke pair of Tricker’s fitting much better than the collection of Tricker’s I currently wear, so Bespoke for me in my priviledged position of Independant Retailer? Stock Lasts are just fine. Custom Made though are great ;-)

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