Type 1 Blouson

Type 1 Blouson

I’ve been quietly enjoying the development of orSlow over the past few seasons and it has been nice to see a few UK stores offer a more rounded collection this season. The Bureau Belfast bagged some of the strongest pieces with the Type 1 Blouson, Climbing Pants, and check scarves being particularly noteworthy.  The quality of the fabrics, unusual vintage shapes, and beautiful details are really setting the brand apart from other offers at the moment.


Indigo/Blue Check Scarf

Indigo/Blue Check Scarf




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  1. jessy says:


    I came across your blog a while back and really like your sartorial sensibilities. Thank you for sharing.

    During my 2-3 year of stay in Japan, I discovered quite a few impressive domestic clothing brands. Orslow is one of my favorite. Its house-made napped denim fabric is full of charm. Their interpretation of vintage work style is well edited and simple.

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