Tricker's Keswick in C-Shade with a Commando Sole

Tricker’s Keswick in C-Shade with a Commando Sole

Somewhere between a Tricker’s Keswick, Bourton, and Ilkley, you’ll find the quintessential English country shoe. Tricker’s may not be the very finest shoemakers in Northampton (although they’re certainly up there), but they can certainly lay claim to producing the most iconic English brogued Derby shoe and boot. The super round toe of the 4444 last, the overly heavy graphic broguing of the wingtips, the chunkiness of storm welted soles, and the iconic colours of C-Shade, Acorn, and Marron Antique: these all add up to a shape, colour, and style that many produce, but none quite match for the overall feel of sturdiness and robustness that the Tricker’s option offers.

The pair photographed here belong to the man who first introduced me to Tricker’s – my Dad – and were a 70th birthday gift to him from my Mum, Wife and myself. He chose the style himself on a trip to sunny Doncaster’s Shoe Healer. There he was sorted for a “6” width fitting which The Shoe Healer carries in stock in both this style and an attractive Matlock. It’s worth noting that the 4444 last is pretty generously sized and my Dad had to size down from an 8 to a 7 to get the right fit.

The differences between the three styles are small as they all feature identical uppers and a storm welt, but are offered with differing options on the sole, leathers, and colours. The Shoe Healer explains the differences here. This Keswick features a Commando Sole which is the chunkiest sole on offer, but is very robust especially for the Winter months.

As always Richard, Michelle, and the team at The Shoe Healer offered sound advice and help along the way. You really couldn’t ask for a better customer experience and I’d encourage anyone fancying a pair of bench made shoes to make the trip to Doncaster in person to check out what The Shoe Healer has to offer. My Dad was so impressed he was back buying a second pair of shoes two days later. You can’t get a stronger recommendation than that.

Detail of the chunky, but robust Commando Sole

Detail of the chunky, but robust Commando Sole


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  1. mat says:

    these are the shoes that i saw people wearing when i was a bit younger and just knew they were the dogs. you knew they were the best brogues going and every so often you saw an older gent rocking them in the finest way possible. i’d trade in all my shoes for a pair of these

    • Richard says:

      Hello Chris.
      I read as always your posts with interest and I must thank you very much for your generous comments and kind endorsements of Shoehealer, and our products.
      It is a pleasure to serve you, and now your Father Chris and as usual, lease call anytime if there s anything I may be able to help you with……..or just to say an occasional ‘Hello’.

  2. Rob says:

    An excellent choice. I have a pair that are my every(other)day shoes and love them to bits. And C-shade is the colour for these in my opinion.

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