A diagram breaking down the various sections of a typical Gansey.

After reading Mr. Ian Mouzer’s post about the Gansey, my good friend and master ceramicist Mr. Matthew Tyas contacted me with some fantastic images he took a couple of years ago of ‘The Filey Room’ in Filey Museum. There he had a very entertaining and enlightening chat with a lady called Margaret Taylor (who knitted the samples and jumpers in the images) who told him all about the Gansey, how they were made and how it’s unfortunately becoming a dying art as she has no one to pass her skills on to. I’m very much looking forward to visiting the museum next time I’m up that way and learning about these amazing jumpers first hand.

Note the man on the left who’s beard has blended beautifully in to his Gansey. Could this be Mouzer in a year’s time?

Gansey pattern samples

Gansey pattern samples…

…the anchor pattern being my particular favourite.

Net curtains and a grey Gansey. A match made in Filey

A Gansey work-in-progress, with four of the five needles used for production.

Gansey pattern meanings.

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